Arvanaghi Consulting

Arvanaghi Consulting is a comprehensive security consulting service. We cater to clients of all security postures.

In many cases, we have provided clients with little security background an actionable, comprehensive plan to achieve industry best practices across account authentication, application security, cloud architecture, cryptocurrency storage, and personal security.

These services include:

  • Employee account (Gmail, Slack, etc.) and personal security (phone number, etc.) audits
  • Web application penetration tests
  • Mobile application penetration tests
  • Application architecture and code reviews
  • Red teaming
  • Smart contract audits
  • Cryptocurrency hot wallet and cold-storage archtiecture reviews
  • Enterprise hardware-key based authentication enrollment
  • Thick client assesments

Our team consists of former Mandiant security consultants and cryptocurrency exchange security engineers. We have conducted engagements for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and maintain an advisory relationship with all past clients.

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